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Minne-Murals tm Coloring Art Posters: These detailed doodlers are the perfect trip activity, a great rememberance, and awesome wall art. Suitable for presentation in a standard 11 x 14 " frame. The carefully researched, original, hand-drawn designs are good for hours of creative fun. Certified Non-toxic Markers or Color Pencils are supplied with encouragement to add multi-media enhancement to the project. More than a hundred designs available plus the "Off- the Request Line" option for specialized designs. (recycled paper- minimal packaging- long life of use) 

Made Green in the USA.

Split Rock Lighthouse Minne-Mural coloring poster by Cindy Kolling

Original, Hand-drawn design by northern Minnesota Artist Cindy Kolling. 

This is just one of the nearly 200 popular Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!  

Enjoyable creative Time!
These interesting posters provide hours of creative fun and carefully researched interpretive information...  a wonderful extension to your travel adventure and visiting experience!

Frame it & display it!
   Minne-Murals fit in a standard size mat and/or frame  so will continue to please while they decorate your wall!

Showy Lady Slipper Mn State Flower by Artist Cindy Kolling Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Journals with No Rules™
Hand-drawn from Nature, History, Heritage... the covers are individually handprinted by Artist Cindy Kolling -- Made Green here in the USA.   Natural, recycled 70 lb. paper pages are inviting to the pen.  Flat-opening, wire bound, right-sized for a season, an adventure, or a project.  These are truly journalers' journals.  Nearly a hundred inspiring designs and more coming out all the time.

Notecards for
of the North™
(most have matching journals)

Hand-drawn from Nature, History, Heritage... find a match for your journal choice in these fine quality, hand-printed notecards on quality recycled natural fiber stock.  Packaging selections made available with eco-conscious care: individual cards, soft-wrapped pack of 4 cards, re-useable clear acrylic case of 6, re-useable clear acrylic case of 10.   A great way to express the adventerous spirits of nature appreciating, art loving, active do-ers: the Outside-r's.
Made green in the USA.

Wild Iris Hand drawn hand printed recycled by Artist Cindy Kolling   Kolling Cards Gully MN USA

Getting Out-There! tm    Gift Sets: Clutter-free gift sets are very useable.  The journal of choice will be attractively matched with an appropriate complimentary item, usually a softpak of notecards, a magnetic list pad or a scratch pad.  A twig pencil accent adds a fun bit of nature.   Mounted on easily recycled corregated panel.  Displays well, easy to back-stock, easy to wrap, carry, or ship.  You choose the journal, we'll select a matching product.

Just Stuff It! tm  Gift Bags:
Re-useable gift wrapping option that is so-oo fast and easy. Original designs are handprinted on natural shopping bags practically sized for most wrapping needs: Medium is perfect for stationery, journals and items such as candy, food or clothing accessories.  Large is good for big books, t-shirts, gift sets or Minne-Murals.  Comes ready-to go with colored tissue and decorative tie. 

Off the Request Line tm 
an excellent way to 
Showcase Your Place!
Contact Kolling Cards and
Things Made Here!
 for more information.

Display Packages are available 
with qualifying orders. 
Contact KOLLING CARDS for details.
Wherever we go to explore, we can greatly enhance our adventure by gearing up at locally-owned independent retailers.  Besides providing a fresh experience with interesting ambience, local shop-owners and employees can also give added insight into the area we are visiting...  "Where's a good place to eat?" "What do you carry that reflects my visit?"  "What can you suggest for an afternoon activity?"    

"What are your green practices? 
"Is it Made in the USA?
"Are you the artist or do you know the artist ? " 

are just a few frequently asked questions that suggest a growing interest in sustainable shopping.  Sustainability is by dictionary definition a self-renewing practice. 

What we do...
Small actions make a big difference:
Actively seeking products that support good environmental practices and encourage awareness of our need to protect our earth now will also increase your shopping adventure.  You'll become much more knowledgeable yourself and your gifts to others will be more than just the item itself... it will be an extension of your higher level of eco-concsiousness  
...While what you buy makes a strong personal statement in itself... it also really does make a green difference !

Things that might seem minor at first, such as 

1.  shortening shipping distances from product origon (fuel saving)
2. recycled or recyclable materials (minimizes waste disposal)
3. minimal or low impact packaging (less to produce and dispose of)
4. education or involvement of product user in our environment (learn and appreciate)
5. lifespan of product in relation to impact of its production and disposal (how long will this be used, can it be re-used or repurposed, will it be saved as a cherished keepsake? What impact will it have if disposed of?)

are among considerations you might find worth your attention while you shop!

Where we do it...
Shopping at small independents who feature products "Made in the USA" encourages  basic economic good sense.  "What goes around, comes around".   

The money you spend locally will circulate many, many times within the locality you just contributed to.  Each transaction is likely to generate some tax revenue which...who knows, may just come right back to benefit you! 

Made in the USA is not just a good idea; it's good economics.   

This Season´s Shoppers are
Choosing at New Levels

Growing numbers of consumers are finding their voices through their purchase choices. 

Particularly energized when they are on vacation or otherwise distracted from their normal routines, consumers are consciously choosing gifts and souvenirs with hopes of making personal impacts on the social, environmental and economic issues that
are meaningful to them. 

With an eye on global warming and other environmental topics, they actively seek recycled or reusable materials, or those with minimal impact in products featuring nature, habitats and regeneration.

Awareness of economic impact brings attention to USA MADE products and products made by small independents.

Quality and design originality is increasingly becoming a focus.

Retail store buyers are presented with an exciting opportunity to offer unique, quality interpretative items produced in the USA and emphasizing ´´green´´ production.

Made Green  in USA choices are presented in products from the artist -owned company KOLLING CARDS AND THINGS MADE HERE of Gully, MN.

Hand-drawn, original designs by Artist Cindy Kolling are featured on USA-Made interactive products such as journals, notecards and interpretive Minne-Mural Color Posters.
Recycled paper, minimal packaging, and low-impact production methods enhance the carefully researched Nature, History and Heritage designs. Site specific options are available. 

Buyers may contact Artist Cindy Kolling of  KOLLING CARDS AND THINGS MADE HERE  to discuss how to best showcase your place in these (wholesale only) products.   

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster by Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! Hours of creative quiet time!

Coloring Art Posters
offer hours of creative quiet time
and experience-enhancing learning.... 

did you catch that... ?
hours of...quiet time...quiet time... quiet time:


for helpful coloring tips and
technical hints, checkout


Lady Slippers

Pink and White Showy Lady Slippers on Journals and Notecards hand drawn directly from nature by artist Cindy Kolling Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Journal and Notecards
Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Pink and White
Showy Lady Slippers
by Minnesota Artist Cindy Kolling.

Hand-drawn directly from Nature!  
Artist, Cindy Kolling  gets "Out-There!"
The elusive Pink and White Showy Lady Slipper is one of the favorite wildflowers of the north.

Selected as the state flower of Minnesota in 1902, it became protected from picking or transplanting in 1925.

The plants grow slowly and can take up to 20 years for the first bloom.   The plants can live to be 100 years old if the habitat is not disrupted or the plant exposed to chemical.

 Artist Cindy Kolling's
Pink and White Showy Lady Slipper designs
have been a continual feature on products from
Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
since 1986!

Your artist Cindy Kolling works directly from nature and from her own photos of "out-There!" 

Pink and White Showy Lady Slippers photo by Artist Cindy Kolling Gully Minnesota
Showy Lady Slippers in June bloom.
 Photo by Cindy Kolling, Gully Minnesota.


Getting Out-There!  

Exploring.  Extraordinary.  Extreme.  Exciting.    Experience! Exhaustion.  Excursions.  Extracting. Exhilarating!  Expectations. 

these are times for journaling...


it's what you need... made here...

Journals with No Rules tm
from Kolling Cards
 and Things Made Here!

  New Release!

Digging It!  Paleontology Minne-Mural hand drawn by Your Artist Cindy Kolling

  you can order right now!

  Celebrating Heritage
Nisse of Norwegian and Danish Folklore takes a share of holiday tradition in homes of Scandinavian-American Heritage.  Original design by Your Artist Cindy Kolling.

Tomte of Swedish Folklore is included in holiday traditions of Scandinavian-American heritage. Original design by Your Artist Cindy Kolling.

 Minne-Murals™ Coloring Art Posters
 provide hours of creative learning and quality quiet time
with original, hand drawn designs
of carefully researched
 Nature, History, Heritage
by your artist, Cindy Kolling.

 Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Gully MN USA
Artist-owned business sustainably serving you since 1986.  

Your Artist Cindy Kolling 

Carefully researched hand-drawn designs reflecting 
Nature- History- Heritage.

Take a Hike New Minne-Mural from Kolling Cards

"Take a Hike!" 
Minne-Mural ™ New design!

"Getting Out-There!"
your Artist "Out There!" 

Cindy Kolling

                                 see why people color

Good Old Rope hand drawn and hand printed nautical detail by Your Artist Cindy Kolling Note Cards  Journals and Gift Sets Koling Cards and Things Made Here!

                    "Good Old Rope"
Hand drawn nautical detail depicts
the important role of humble-looking ropes
in the historical era of tall masts and full sails.  
Hand printed by the artist on recycled paper.

Available in note cards, journals, combo gift set.

Art perspective Sketchbook Journal with No Rules from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Sometimes art just has to happen!
This user-friendly
Sketchbook Journal  with no Rules
is the perfect space
for your happening art!
Available in note cards, journal or combo gift set.  See the Art Perspective Mine-Mural Coloring Art Poster too! 

    Wild Grapes Gift Set with Hand printed Journal and Note Cards Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Wild Grapes Gift Set (also available in note cards and journals)

Wild Grapes

The wild woodland  vine winds its way high into the trees along streams or  in the woods.  The grapes form as clusters of green, then reddish to dark blue berries.  Leaves turn to red and grapes ripen in the fall.  

Hand drawn and individually handprinted  by Artist Cindy Kollling  on Journals and notecards; also available in gift sets.  

 Wild Grapes deep in the woods of Northern Minnesota.  Photo by Cindy Kolling, your artist Out There!

Getting Out There!
 Wild Grapes in mid summer in Northern Minnesota.
 Wild Grapes of Midsummer by Artist Cindy Kolling  Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!  
Wild Grapes of  Late Summer.
Individually Hand Printed 
by Artist Cindy Kolling
recycled paper
Notecards and Journals. 
Also available in Gift Sets

Made Green in the USA 

Wild Roses of early summer in Northern Minnesota  Photo by Cindy Kolling Gully MN USA

Getting Out There!  
 Wild Roses of summer in Northern Minnesota.

Handprinted Wild Rose by Artist Cindy Kolling   Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Wild Rose of Summer. Handprinted on Journals, notecards and Gift bags.  Also available in Gift Sets

Made Green in the USA

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