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Enjoy Getting"Out-There!" with your artist Cindy Kolling...
Sustainably serving you since 1986.


            and reconnect!

with nature,
history, heritage

Black Eyed Susans photo by Your Artist Cindy Kolling
Happy Summer!
Let's get "Out-There

and see what the colors out there are today?

 after your adventure

here are some good ways to celebrate out-there:

 handwriting a note card to someone special

drawing and writing in a new journal

  coloring up a  new Minne-Mural

'tis the season...
to "Get Out-There!™"

 adventure & enjoy

Switchgrass is one of the Big Four native tallgrass prairie grasses.  Original hand printed notecard by Your Artist Out There Cindy Kolling.
                  One of the                          "Big Four"                native grasses
of the 
Central Plains
Tallgrass Prairie.  
Hand-drawn and
hand screened,
each note card and matching journal is an actual original print. 

Some days we gotta use all the colors!  Minne-Murals from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!      
Coloring News:
        The first Minne-Mural™ was released 21 years ago! 
        in 1995-

        Thanks for your business! 
        Color on!

        More  Coloring News:

        "Adult Coloring" has been catching national headlines 
         as a 'new' discovery for creative downtime and relaxation. 
         Of course, this is not news to Minne-Mural™ coloring 
         artists who have enjoyed this ageless, creative activity for                              many years!

         But now that it's okay...
         Let's all color!  
         Go ahead, grab some some social time: 
         Color loudly with your friends,
         or relax and color quietly with your kids 
         while they create and learn.

Minne-Murals are increasingly popular adult coloring activities. Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

   Adult Coloring is now all the thing... and continues to grow in popularity.  

   Minne-Murals™ from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! are designed with      detail for ages from about 8 and up; and have become an increasingly popular      activity for adults.  

   Minne-Murals are a great Quiet Time activity... for you and your friends, for      you and your kids... or just for you.  The details and information have been        carefully researched. Coloring time with Minne-Murals offers stimulating,          rewarding learning as well a lot of creative fun!  The finished piece can be          nicely matted and framed for truly awesome wall art!  

 "Don't you think that you 
or someone you know 
deserves a little time to color? "

   Find Minne-Murals in your favorite independent gift and book store, your          favorite park's visitor center and your favorite museum store.  Thanks for        choosing to shop "Things Made Here!"

   Minne-Murals are original hand-drawn designs 
    of carefully researched 
   nature, history and heritage by  
Your Artist Cindy Kolling who gets "Out-There".  
They are fun. They are interesting. 
 And they are Made Green in the USA! 
   See More.  Check out this sampler of designs. 
Great idea! Lets showcase your place!  Minne-Mural original design Coloring Art Posters Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Cabin Guest Book original art handprinted on cover from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

The Cabin Guest Book has "No Rules"...

Got yours yet?

Creative Journaling
is just one of Kolling Cards'
quiet time activities 

 Journals with No Rules™
hand serigraphed original cover art
reflecting "Out-There!"
and pages of quality recycled writing paper
just waiting for your pen! 

 Each cover is an individually hand-printed original piece of art meant to be used.

Designed to perfectly meet the needs
of one adventurous season,

 the Cabin Guest Book is a
traditional gotta-have!
                                                                           see more

Blackeyed Susans midsummer photo by your artist out there Cindy Kolling

Thank you for your business!  
Your choice of original design products Made Green in the USA
by this Independent Artist-owned company is very much appreciated!        

Drop a quick note and let us know what you want to see next!   

Buyers: be sure to sign up for the "Buyer Flyer"   
Coloring Artists: check out coloring tips!

                               Your Artist " Out-There!"  Cindy Kolling  
Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Minne-Mural ™ Coloring Art Posters
bring quality quiet time to a whole new level...  

Hand-drawn details of carefully researched
Nature, History and Heritage "Out-There!"
Learn stuff while you make
awesome wall art.  

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters come with fine line markers or full length color pencils. see more 

Writing a Letter...
... it's a "real" experience to enjoy 
                        and a "real" gift to give.

   Big Bluestem Tallgrass Priarie handdrawn and handprinted by Your Artist Cindy Kolling  Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
From Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! : Big Bluestem Tall Prairie Grass Journal & Notecard

      The coolest comment came from 20-something Robin 
who said,

    "I just discovered snail-mailing again
 and I'm loving it!"


Actively seeking out stationery note cards that express her 
personal styles and attitudes,  her newest note card choice is 
the Big Bluestem (native tall prairie grass of central plains) from                                   
Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! ™   

Hand-drawn from nature, the Big Bluestem is an understated soft, free-flowing design. Slightly varying muted colors are hand-printed on recycled paper by      

Your artist "Out-There™" Cindy Kolling  

Each note card and accompanying journal 

is a little original hand-print.....meant to be used and enjoyed.

Write on!--
Thanks for shopping at your local,
 independently owned businesses,
   favorite museum and park stores!!

Sand Hill Cranes dancing- photo by Your Artist Out-There Cindy Kolling

  Big bluestem native tallgrass prairie midsummer photo by  your artist out-there Cindy Kolling

Tallgrass Prairie Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!


order now!
 Like what you see? There's lots more. Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! provides carefully researched, hand drawn Made Green in the USA interactive products that enhance and extend your adventures "Out-There!".  

Content filled Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters; Journals with No Rules! and Note cards for Outside-rs and more!  Original designs on quality recycled paper...

Ask for Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! at your favorite museum or park store or local independently owned specialty store.

Kolling cards and Thins Made Here: Artist-owned business sustainably serving you and your customers since 1986.



exploring somewhere this season ?

Exploring Journal original with hand-printed Cover Art by Cindy Kolling

Journal Creatively!

    Journals with No Rules ™

Leave home with it!
Get Out There!

take a few quiet moments ...  quiet moments....  quiet moments...   quiet...

MMRL- 58 Common Loon Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster  hand drawn from nature by Your Artist Cindy Kolling              MMRL-47 Walleye Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster hand drawn from nature by Your Artist Cindy Kolling

  color your summer season

       Original Design Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters  

color loudly with your friends.

or relax and quietly
color with your kids while they create and learn.


Kolling Cards

Gully, Minnesota USA  Cindy Kolling is Your Artist “Out-There!” ™

Eco-conscious green production, Artist owned, Made in USA, Original, hand-drawn designs from "Out-There!" tm

Carefully Researched Detail of colored eaglets from Bald Eagles Nest Minne Mural coloring art poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here    Cindy Kolling's original hand drawn Minne-Mural details. Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters TM      
Journals with No Rules! TM      
Notecards for Outside-r’s TM    
Going Places Gift Sets

and more!
...including continual new releases   

Low impact,eco-friendly packaging and production; recycled paper.
Educational, Experience-enhancing information and carefully researched details on popular Minne-Mural Coloring Posters. (And they provide hours of creative fun!) 

Your artist "Out-There!" is here! with  products from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! tm
Stationery, Journals, non toxic Art Activity Items,
Site Specific Products, Educational Products.                                                                        
 what you need… 
made here!

Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Gully, Minnesota USA

Serving you and your customers sustainably since 1986... what you need... made green in the USA.

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                                      Pink and White Showy Lady Slipper  hand drawn directly from Nature! Artist Cindy Kolling Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! Journal with No Rules and specialty Notecards                                      

Kolling Cards' Lady Slipper note cards, journals and more
can be found at your local independent vacation area store.  

MMRL-001MN Minnesota Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster by Cindy Kolling Your Artist Out-There


Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters

Nearly 200 designs with more coming all the time!  view gallery

Gift Set Tundra Swans  Artist Original Handprinted  Cindy Kolling Gully MN USA
Going Places Gift Sets!

Perfect for many ages and personalities!

Choose any journal & we'll match it          
with accompanying notecards,                
notepad or list, and accent it with 
a twig pencil.  

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