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Minne-Murals tm Coloring Art Posters:  Coloring with Content!  These detailed doodlers of interesting subjects are the perfect trip activity , a great remembrance, and awesome wall art. Suitable for presentation in a standard 11 x 14 " frame. The carefully researched, original, hand-drawn designs are good for hours of creative fun.  Markers or Color Pencils are supplied with encouragement to add multi-media enhancement to the project. More than a hundred designs available plus the "Off- the Request Line" option for specialized designs. (recycled paper- minimal packaging- long life of use)  Made Green in the USA.   Check out  the Minne-Mural Gallery.

Journals with No Rules tm Hand-drawn from Nature, History, Heritage... the covers are drawn and individually hand serigraphed by Artist Cindy Kolling -- Made Green in the USA.   Natural, recycled 70 lb. paper pages are inviting to the pen.  Flat-opening, wire bound, right-sized for a season, an adventure, or a project.  These are truly journalers' journals.  Nearly a hundred inspiring designs and more coming out all the time.   Art for Everybody, Everyday. see more about Journals with No Rules

Notecards for Outside-r's tm   Hand-drawn from Nature, History, Heritage...  find a match for your journal choice in these fine quality, hand-printed notecards on quality recycled natural fiber stock.  Packaging selections made available with eco-conscious care: individual cards, soft-wrapped pack of 4 cards, re-useable clear acrylic case of 6, re-useable clear acrylic case of 10.   A great way to express the adventerous spirits of nature appreciating, art loving, active do-ers: the Outside-r's.
Made green in the USA.

Getting Out-There! tm    Gift Sets: Clutter-free gift sets are very useable.  The journal of choice will be attractively matched with an appropriate complimentary item, usually a softpak of notecards, a magnetic list pad or a scratch pad.  A twig pencil accent adds a fun bit of nature.   Mounted on easily recycled corregated panel.  Displays well, easy to back-stock, easy to wrap, carry, or ship.  You choose the journal, we'll select a matching product.

Just Stuff It! tm  Gift Bags: Re-useable gift wrapping option that is so-oo fast and easy. Original designs are handprinted on natural shopping bags practically sized for most wrapping needs: Medium is perfect for stationery, journals and items such as candy, food or clothing accessories.  Large is good for big books, t-shirts, gift sets or Minne-Murals.  Comes ready-to go with colored tissue and gift tag. 

Off the Request Line tm  an excellent way to Showcase Your Place! 
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Kolling Cards has options for site and/or subject - specific designs. Ask for details.


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Content copyright 2013. kollingcards. All rights reserved.
Original site and subject specific designs available from Kolling Cards

thanks for choosing to greet your days with 
"Journals with No Rules"™

Each journal features cover art
that is actually 
individually hand-serigraphed.
Each book cover is an original
 (not a re-printed copy)

 Your Artist, Cindy Kolling creates them 
inspired by carefully researched Nature, History and Heritage.

Completely, totally, perfectly blank,
clean, crisp, smooth
high quality recycled fiber
are just waiting
for your creative pen!
(or pencil ,crayon, brush, glue, tape or...) 

Designed to be used up
in your summer season, these
casual, everyday

are meant for your 
everyday enjoyment and comfort
(like a favorite pair of blue jeans)...

but, of course...
 since there are No Rules, 
you are absolutely totally free
to be creative and
use them however
and whenever you want!

 Next season, you may have a different idea... and there are many designs for you to select your next journal from!

...call it a tradition...
Made Green in the USA

Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
Independent Minnesota Artist-Owned company sustainably serving you since 1986.

Minne-Mural ™  
Coloring Art Poster 
 from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! 
                 (Your independent artist-owned company). 

 Detailed doodlers provide hours of creative fun!  
 Standard mat or frame size allows easy display of finished piece.   

 Original Minne-Mural™ designs are hand drawn by 
 Northern Minnesota Artist Cindy Kolling 
carefully researched
Nature, History, Heritage, and  Science.
They are presented on Recycled Paper using low impact production  methods. 

 Minne-Murals™ are available with
fineline art markers or full length colored pencils
and they feature informative text on the back. 

 Minne-Murals™  can be purchased at quality retail outlets including museum stores, park stores, bookstores,  independent gift  retailers, independently owned resort shops and  specialty galleries. 

               Thank-you for choosing "Made Green in the USA"


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here is a sampling of more than 200 designs available -- 
is a design not shown yet  that you'd like to see posted? 
let us know!


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