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Picnic Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster colored by Mandi with fineline markers.

Mandi from Up North, Minnesota

Vivid color with fineline markers.   Mandi has  put a different color shade in each coloring area. (Example: the pink bowl accented with darker pink )  This is scene is a detail from "Eating Out",  the Picnic   Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster.    

Take a Hike! Minne-Mural™ coloring art poster


Take a Hike! detail colored by Peggy

Color pencils.  Peggy notes,  "I have to press kind of hard sometimes to get bright colors."   

Your Artist CK: notice how she has added the wave action in the background to make it very water-like.

Also notice how the different shades of green add interest to the grass.


Continuing the Colorful Excitement

This is another detail of "Take a Hike" from Peggy.


Coloring Art on the Border of "Take a Hike"

Peggy has added nice depth to the blossoms, a bright spring sky and lifelike coloring on the Robin.  Varied  shades of green on the leaves and brown on the wood adds depth. 

What, Where, when, why, how do you color? share with us


Let's hear your Minne-Mural™ Coloring Story!

(Love to hear from you- we understand we have your permission to use your submitted  photos or written messages as seems appropriate.  Thank-you!!) 

coloring art in from "Out there!"


Great- Grandma O and the Chickens Minne-Mural™

 Chickens Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster!   "Great -Grandma O"  used colored pencils.   

"At the Lake" Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster colored with gel pens by Shirley.

Creative Colors of Summer in this "At the Lake" Minne-Mural™ colored by Shirley!

Shirley says: 

"...lots of detail, but it was fun! I used my gel pens."


Baby Eagles

Detail from Bald Eagles Nest  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster, Ruth with colored pencils.   

focus on you and your coloring art!

This page is all about you and examples of your Minne-Mural ™ Coloring Art!

Welcome to "Focus on You"!

This is a  gallery featuring details of  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art from artists "Out-There!"    


With different mediums, coloring techniques and color choices, 

the same Minne-Mural™ design can look so very different 

when colored by different coloring artists. 

It's wonderful to see  skills and techniques develop, and wish everyone a relaxing, good time!

Look on this page for the yellow button to email your photos and be sure to check out the Minne-Mural™ Coloring art Blog for technique tips on color blending, shading and medium choices, and more!  


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... and let's see some of your Minne-Mural™Coloring Art !

Coloring action with Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster 

 Ageless  designs by artist Cindy Kolling.  Let's all Color!

Common Loon Minne-Mural™ coloring art poster


Common Loon


Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art by Ruth;  oil pastels and watercolors. 

Mother Loon on nest Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!  Your

Spring Excitement

 It is always a time of wonderment when you suddenly spot a loon on her well-hidden nest at the waters edge while you  paddle your canoe quietly by .  Just keep on paddling and let the lady be... the sight will long remain in your memory.  


Grabbin' a bite to eat...

 Detail of  Common Loon   

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster. 



Water's Edge

Detail of "Water's Edge"  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster in a  free watercolor wash.   

Ruth:  "just thought I'd give it a try."   




Detail from "Friends" (wild Birds)  

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster.

Colored by Christy with color pencil.


Aye, maties... let's all color on!


Comin' aboard! It's Blackbeard!

Kate from Colorado keeps the essence of terror in this fierce man of history by choosing bold black for his braids and the same dramatic choice for sail colors on the ship, "Queen Anne's Revenge".  

The Pirate Blackbeard Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster  is  sure to make awesome wall art!

Kate comments that  

"These (Minne-Murals™) are so much better than candy and they keep kids entertained longer!"



No still waters here!

"There is some really, nice, active  variation in the blue of the water here...I'm guessing it is watercolor medium?" (From your Artist CK about detail from the Blackbeard  Minne-Mural™ colored by Kate from Colorado.)


Let's Look closely here now...

Notice how a slight shift in colors adds so much action and depth to the water?  The contrasty way the wood is colored makes it very interesting.   This is another detail from the  Blackbeard  Minne-Mural™  colored by Kate from Colorado. 

a gallery of minne-mural™ coloring art! from "out-there!"


Party Underway!

Join the fun while we follow the action from a  "Home  Stay" Coloring Art Party!  Check out the link at page bottom for the  

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Blog

Bright colors on detail of Minne-Mural   hand-drawn original by Cindy Kolling, colored by Christy.

Some days we just really want to use all the colors!

Bold and bright; but we'd still think these color choices  are kind of pastel...  we'll call this a  "Happy Color" palette! 

(Colored by Christy from California)  

Detail of  Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster; 

original, hand, drawn design by Cindy Kolling.


More Happy Colors come from Peggy

Prairie Pasque

are very early spring  flowers, sometimes even seen popping through the snow.  Also called Prairie Crocus.

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art is for many ages and personalities


Coloring is not just for kids!

Detail of  Minne-Mural™ colored by Ruth.  This is  Whitefish Point Lighthouse, Michigan.


Be Inspired!

  Minne-Mural™ flowers in planter box; colored by Ruth. 


In the Big Woods

 Minne-Mural™  detail gives a glimpse into a summer morning about 125 years ago!  

This cheeriness was colored by Christy from California. 

more Beautifully Colored Minne-Murals™ from "Out-There!"


The "Pollinators" Minne-Mural™ Colored during work breaks by Peggy, Minnesota

"I got started coloring and time just flew by!" 

 Your Artist CK:  This is one to be proud of! Look at that beautiful hummingbird! 

"All in a Dark Sky" Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster  hand-drawn by Cindy H. Kolling, Colored by Ann.

Looking Up!

"All in a Dark Sky" Minne-Mural™   the Mysterious Moon, Flaming Meteors , Awesome Asteroids colored by AMP, Fargo ND.      


A Work of Coloring Art.. Looks like a storm is coming...

 Will, age 90+ , from "the Twin Cities" of Minnesota colored these active brewing storm clouds. Don't you just feel the lake breeze?  Detail of fore & aft schooner entering Duluth Harbor. 


wow! look at this! coloring Minne-Murals™ at new levels!


Just... Wow!

Good coloring really is a developed skill!     

Minne-Mural™  Colored by Ruth of North Dakota. with color pencils in muted pallet. You guess correctly: This was not her first Minne-Mural... so, keep on coloring! 


Art or Science? Let's get excited!

Here is some art of science, colored by Beth, a University Chemistry Major. 

Medium: Color pencils


Early Works

Same coloring artist as above: 

this is Beth's work at 9 years old.

Isn't it fun to see how you grow as a coloring artist?

Make sure you take portfolio photos, or store your colored  

Minne-Murals™  behind each other in an 11 x 14 frame. Remember: Name, Age, Date.    

Samples of from Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art:


Don't you just want to be here?

Ruth has blended layers with color pencils on this close up detail from the FLW Graycliff (Derby, New York)   

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster™     



Anita used gel pens to color this 

Fort Gratiot (Michigan) Lighthouse 

Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster.         

 Your Artist CK:  Awesome Wall Art!


Those Californians can really color!

Christy from California shares her work as a coloring artist. She wishes " Happy Coloring to the World!!!! "


 Your Artist CK:  Good flow of blues & greens in your color variations, Christy!  Keep it up!

more from Minne-Mural™ Coloring Artists

Colored sample of Milky Way Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Ann (25) from North Dakota

"a mixed media experiment- including color crayons!" 


Your Artist CK:   It's exciting to try new coloring techniques and mediums!   Let's see what new wall art  develops! 

Colored sample of Lefse Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Over 50 Gayle, from California

a gift...  "Surprisingly I really enjoy the coloring!

Your Artist CK:  Minne-Murals offer relaxing, creative,  individual quiet time;   and... you learn stuff while you have fun!   



12 yr old Sienna from Iowa

"Where is the tutorial?" 


Your Artist CK:  Okay... good point: I'll get on that!  :)

However- you are doing a nice job without one!  Check out the  Kolling Cards Coloring Art Blog on this website for a few technique tips and share your coloring art discoveries! 

Enjoy! Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters!


Coloring with Content!

Learn Stuff While You Have Fun!  

A Minnesota 3-year-old learns about a River Otter  while she colors!  


Awesome Wall Art!

Minne-Murals™ can be matted or framed to make awesome wall art and a great trip remembrance!   


Let's Color!

Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Posters-- Made Green in the USA-  from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!


Building Color and Depth

A little of this color... a little  of that color... a little light... a little dark... little by little...  and look what happens!


"I like Blue! It's Peaceful."

Vivian (who is 80 +) opted for blue as her dominating color on this  beautifully colored dragonfly Minne-Mural.  


The Sky is the Limit!

Choose your colors... choose your style... and color on!

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters™

Color on!

There are so many colors and techniques to try!  

Thanks for sharing your coloring art experiences!

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