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Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters ™

Coloring with Content!

Learn Stuff while you have Fun

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters are  the perfect trip activity, a great remembrance, and make awesome wall art.  Original and interesting hand-drawn, detailed designs are good for hours of creative fun.  Carefully researched interpretive information adds to the extension of your travel adventures and visiting experiences! 

Hundreds of designs available plus the "Off- the Request Line" option for specialized designs.

Made Green in the USA.   


Hand drawn, hand-printed "Exploring" journal from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Journals with No Rules ™

Designed to be used! 

Natural, recycled paper pages are inviting to your pen, pencil or markers...   Flat-opening, wire bound, right for a season,  an adventure,  or a project.  

The cover designs are hand-drawn and  individually printed by Artist Cindy Kolling --  each one is an original.

Made Green in  the USA.

Showy Lady Slipper is among the many subjects featured on original design   note cards  by Cindy Kol

Blank Note Cards... to give and receive

Original hand-drawn designs by Your Artist Cindy Kolling presented on carefully selected  quality natural, uncoated, recycled  fiber paper.   


Eco-conscious production

Made Green in the USA 

A handwritten note is a gift to both the giver and the receiver.

Gift Set example  Wild Grapes journal and notecards from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Going Places! ™ Gift Sets

Clutter-free,  Eco-friendly gift sets ... includes 

journal  matched with note cards,  note pad or a magnetic list pad.  A twig pencil adds a fun bit of nature.   Minimally packaged on easily recycled corrugated  panel.  

Displays well, easy to back-stock, easy to wrap, carry, or  ship.  You choose the journal, we'll select a matching product.   

Just Stuff It Gift Bags from Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Just Stuff It! ™ Gift Bags:

Re-useable gift wrapping option that is so-oo fast and easy.  Original designs are hand printed on natural shopping bags practically  sized for most wrapping needs.   Ready-to retail with colored tissue and gift tag.