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Growing Greener Each Day ...

  “Kolling Cards doesn’t claim sustainable perfection yet;
 but does claim to be greener today than yesterday,
 and intends to be greener tomorrow than today.”
                                           Cindy Kolling, owner of Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

1.Reduce. 2. Re-use. 3. Recycle 4. Re-think.

 Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! has long been known for attention to low impact production and careful choices of eco-friendly materials.   

Owner/Artist Cindy Kolling is aware that the increasing green movement means closer scrutiny and critical attention from more aware customers.  “I welcome it.  It is nice to know that people are paying attention- it’s encouraging and exciting!”


Made Green

 Kolling Cards is consciously and continually working to re- think ways of production, packaging, marketing, and is constantly seeking new information and resources with regards to materials and techniques that minimize impact to the environment on as many levels as possible.  

Each material choice is carefully reviewed regularly for its overall impact:  Does it help educate and create awareness about going green? Does one choice actually create less overall waste or production impact than a seemingly more “green” material?  What are we going to do tomorrow to improve our “green” impact and responsible approach our environmental impact?  

Made Here

Kolling Cards concentrates on using local and regional suppliers and vendors whenever possible.   

Makes Sense

 Since beginning in 1986, Kolling Cards products
have been produced on eco-friendly uncoated, recycled paper
with minimal packaging, low impact inks,
and are shipped in reused shipping cartons
and packing materials. ***DURING THE COVID19 ALERT WE WILL USE NEW CARTONS ***

Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! MADE GREEN IN THE USA!

  .... choose
  and your customers will help us all move toward  GREENer! 

Stuff that Matters...


Shoppers are Choosing at New Levels

 Growing numbers of consumers are finding their voices through their purchase choices. 

Particularly energized when they are on vacation or otherwise distracted from their normal routines, 

consumers are consciously choosing gifts and souvenirs with hopes of making personal impacts 

on the social, environmental and economic issues that are meaningful to them.  


Actively Seeking Sustainability

 With an eye on climate change and other environmental topics, 

they actively seek recycled or reusable materials, 

or those with minimal impact in products featuring nature, habitats and regeneration.

 Awareness of economic impact brings attention to USA MADE products and products made by small independents.

Quality and design originality is increasingly becoming a focus.

Made Green in the USA

Retail store buyers are presented with an exciting opportunity to offer unique, quality interpretative items produced in the USA and emphasizing ´´green´´ production.

Made Green  in USA choices are presented in products from the artist -owned company KOLLING CARDS AND THINGS MADE HERE of Gully, MN.'s what you need... made here!

 Hand-drawn, original designs by Artist Cindy Kolling are featured on USA-Made interactive products such as journals, note cards and interpretive Minne-Mural Color Posters.

Recycled paper, minimal packaging, and low-impact production methods enhance the carefully researched Nature, History and Heritage designs. Site specific options are available.   

Off the Request Line™

Site & Subject Specific options available.  

Buyers may contact Artist Cindy Kolling of  KOLLING CARDS AND THINGS MADE HERE  to discuss how to best showcase your place in these (wholesale only) products.    


Your business is appreciated..

Get Out There!


Let's Do This!


Artist owned business sustainably serving you and your customers since 1986. 

Careful Research and Sustainable Production of educational, interactive  and eco-conscious products featuring original, hand-drawn designs by Your Artist, Cindy Kolling.

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters 
Journals with No Rules...
Notecards for Outsid'rs!  
and much more

Carefully researched Nature, History, Heritage, Art & Science...

  •  Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters  
  • Journals with No Rules... 
  • Notecards for Outsid'rs!
  • Going Places Gift Sets  
  • Just Stuff It Gift Bags
  •  and much more!