Focus on You Gallery 3

Grizzly! Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster

Color pencils in this detail of Grizzly!   Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster.

Bearly done coloring! Grizzly!

"Hope you are having a growling good day!!"  

says coloring artist R. Ruth. 

She used color pencils in this detail of Grizzly!   Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster. 

Leave No Rock Unturned! Grizzly gets Grubs.
Detail of Grizzly!  Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster.

Leave No Rock Unturned!

Let's get some Grizzly Grub(s)!  

There's Ants and Acorns for protein 

and Berries for Desert.

Detail of Grizzly!   Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster, colored by R. Ruth.

Color pencils in this detail of Grizzly!   Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster.

Colored Pencil Coloring Art... Bear and Bear Grass

Notice the yellow highlights and darker green & blue low lights on the bushes. See how a darker brown is used on the shadow areas of the bear.  (  Grizzly!   Minne-Mural™    Colored by R.Ruth)

The Plant on the right is called "Bear Grass".  The  name goes goes back to the Lewis & Clark Expedition where it's mentioned in the journals.  

Bear Grass is actually not really a grass. 

Bears don't eat bear grass, but it does get used for lining their dens.  Elk do eat it, so it's also called "Elk Grass" (although it is still not a grass.)

Native Americans used it to make baskets, cloth and  medicine tonics. The underground stems called  "rhizomes" were used for food.  

An apple a day...

Detail from "Apple Orchard" Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster from Kolling Cards and Things Made Her

Grabbing interest with Green

Christy from California colored some of the apples green "because you just never know!"

This is a detail from the "Apple Orchard"  Minne-Mural™  Coloring Art Poster



 "I could just picture myself standing in the orchard... 

This one was great fun!"  (Coloring Artist Christy, CA)



Each person 's approach to coloring continually evolves toward an identity of its own.  

It will never pause there for long, though,  because the growth always continues.     

Dating and keeping colored Minne-Murals™  behind each other in a frame or in a photo log will let you to look back to see your development!  

You'll be amazed! 

walleye! Fishing at home: Minne-Mural™ coloring art


Walleye Work in Progress

"I'll let you know when it's done."

focus on scandinavian heritage

Viking Ship Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster  Colored by Christy J

Viking Ship Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster Colored by Christy J

 Colored by Christy J:   “I used all coloring pencils with lots of blues and deep blues because of the Atlantic Ocean. When a ship cuts through the water, many shades of blue appear right at the ships bottom and it’s beautiful!” 

Your Artist CK:  This really does look like the wild blue sea!  Maybe one of your best, Christy! ( See this whole Minne-Mural colored in Gallery 2)  

Viking Ship Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster  Colored by Ruth P.

Viking Ship Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster Colored by Ruth P.

Colored by Ruth P.  using color pencils.  I think we will all agree that this is quite a serious piece of coloring art.    

(See this whole Minne-Mural colored in Gallery 2)   

"Lefse"  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster  colored by Shirley (colored pencils)

and we gotta eat too

"Lefse"  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster  colored by Shirley (colored pencils)

thinking like a fish....?


Oh Yeah!

"I do know how to think like a fish!"  There's a  wall hanger in progress here on this Walleye Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster.


A Good Day Coloring is a Good Day!


Fishing Season Opener  home-stay activity.
There's no limit to this creative fun!
Let's all color!   


Nice Fish!

The  "Walleye!" Minne-Mural™ will be a real keeper when  this " almost 5" year-old  Minnesotan calls it "done".   Serious fishing gets results and we can see here that serious coloring does too.    Color on!      

What, Where, when, why, how do you color Minne-Murals™ ?


Let's hear your Minne-Mural™ Coloring Story!

 (Love to hear from you- we understand we have your permission to use your submitted  photos or written messages as seems appropriate.  Thank-you!! 

Focus on You Gallery 3


Pre-historic excitement

Now, this is a wall hanger!   I'm seeing this in a grayish-tan ceramic frame.  And I bet you thought dino's were for kids! 

 T-Rex Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster in color pencil; colored by Ruth.


Just jawin' about the old days in “The Crustacean Geologic Period”.

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster   


Tracks in Time...

This T-Rex trail is beautifully colored. (Colored pencils by Ruth.

let's color on!


Of interest

The shadows on these rocks colored by Sienna of Iowa are noteworthy.  Shading is an option in coloring art just as it is in any other art... but I think we all admit in this case it certainly adds interest and depth to these rocks.   This is a detail from "Horses"   Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster.  See the blog & Focus Galley too (2) for more on this. 

focus on you and your coloring art! (You are on Gallery 3)

This page continues to be all about you and examples of your Minne-Mural ™ Coloring Art!


Welcome to "Focus on You"!

This is a  gallery featuring details of  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art from artists "Out-There!"    

With different mediums, coloring techniques and color choices,
the same Minne-Mural™ design can look so very different
when colored by different coloring artists.

It's wonderful to see  skills and techniques develop, and wish everyone a relaxing, good time!

Look on this page for the yellow button to email your photos and be sure to check out the Minne-Mural™ Coloring art Blog for technique tips on color blending, shading and medium choices, and more!  

this "Focus on You" Gallery 3   
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... and let's see some of your Minne-Mural™Coloring Art !

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster 
 Ageless  designs by artist Cindy Kolling.  Let's all Color!


Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster
Ageless  designs by artist Cindy Kolling.  Let's all Color!   

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Captains color too! Meet Kirk, coloring artist, movie star and sea captain .

There are hundreds of Minne-Mural designs to choose from.  Minne-Murals are popular with a wide variety of ages and lifestyles... we all need to take some quiet time.  


Lunchtime Fun! Owen, 8, from Minnesota mixes business with pleasure.

Whether you are 8, 30 or 70 years of age, your break times will take on a whole new meaning when you a have a Minne-Mural in progress ready to reach for!  Let's all Color!


Friends get other friends to color!

If you share it, they will try it...   Meet George from British Columbia, Canada.    Minne-Murals are a great group gathering activity for all ages.    Break out the color pencils at your next get-together... and then, let's hear all about it!